What Does A Funeral Cost?

There are wide and varied elements involved when determining the cost of a funeral. The funeral is tailored to suit your family's requirements. In Ballarat funerals tend to be in the vicinity of $6,000 to $10,000 depending on what your requirements are. The style of funeral service, casket or coffin choice, burial or cremation and a host of other costs we pay on your behalf (disbursements) are combined to make the final cost a very individual entity.

The Funeral Directors Fees

These fees are directly associated with our business and will vary according to your requirements and wishes.

They include:

  • Our service fee is our professional fee for arranging and conducting a funeral ensuring all of the elements are in place in accordance with your requirements
  • The provision of an accredited funeral centre for your use during your bereavement
  • Professional membership of Australian Funeral Directors Association and Selected Independent Funeral Homes ensures you are being cared for by professional funeral consultants
  • Transfer fees for transporting the deceased are included in our service fee generally. There may be additional fees if the transfer is required outside of office hours or exceeding the Ballarat area
  • Mortuary and embalming care by trained professional staff
  • Orders of service or Mass booklets as requested
  • Photographic presentation (slideshow)
  • Catering at our funeral centre
  • Overall these fees generally fall between $1900 to $3300
The Coffin Or Casket Fees

These are a personal choice and the cost will vary according to your selection.

  • Coffin prices range from $950 to $3,740
  • Casket prices range from $2,900 to $6,500


Cemetery And Cremation Fees

These fees are set by the various cemetery trusts and are the same for all funeral directors. They vary according to your selection. You may pay Ballarat General Cemeteries directly to avoid the GST component on some products.

They may include:

  • The purchase of a new grave
  • To re open an existing grave
  • The cremation
  • Memorialisation of cremated remains (the ashes)
  • Plaques and monuments (payments for plaques are only accepted by the cemetery when you order them)
  • A cremation is around $750 and a new lawn grave is around $3400

These fees are the same for all funeral directors and are determined by the various suppliers. We pay the suppliers directly on your behalf to simplify the arrangements and invoice one account to you inclusive of these items as requested.

They may include:

  • Clergy or celebrant fees
  • Cremation certificate from the pathologist
  • Death certificate from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Flowers for the coffin, church and/or the graveside
  • Organist or musicians
  • Newspaper notices
  • External catering
  • Venue hire
  • Overall these fees generally fall between $500 to $1500

Please note that when we quote prices the GST component is included. When comparing prices it is important to make sure the GST is incorporated in the costs. Current taxation laws state that when purchased through your funeral director the GST must be charged and remitted to the Australian Taxation Office.

Pricing Guides

Peter Tobin Funerals offers a comprehensive selection of funeral services, not dependant on size, budget or beliefs. Put simply, we offer a complete choice. If there is an element or item you wish to include in the funeral service that is not listed in this or any of our guides, please don’t hesitate to discuss it with our funeral consultants. We will do our utmost to fulfil your individual needs, as we are committed to providing exactly what you and your family require.

When arranging a funeral, if you have any financial concerns at all, please discuss them with Peter Tobin Funerals Consultants who will be able to provide options and adjust elements of the funeral process which might have the greatest effect on the end cost. Rest assured that whatever decision you make regarding any funeral, you may be confident of an exceptional level of service and care that has made Peter Tobin Funerals Ballarat's preferred funeral service provider.

-> download our Pricing Guide (pdf)

We have also included our General Price List in the following pages to give you a more detailed explanation of our fees.

Please note that while all care was taken in placing these costs and fees on our website and were accurate when posted they may vary at any given time. We recommend that for a more accurate estimate that you contact one of our funeral consultants. Our consultants are available 24 hours a day and can meet you at our funeral home or at your home with no obligation or cost to talk about arranging or pre-arranging a funeral.