Legal and Financial Arrangements


  1. When the funeral arrangements are finalised, you will be given an estimate of the cost and an explanation of our financial policy. It is important to note the initial figure is only an estimate as some costs may not be known at the time. For example, the cost of newspaper notices. These will be provided in the final account.
  2. The final funeral account will be forwarded seven days after the funeral which will include our fees and all disbursements paid on your behalf. We request settlement within ten (10) days, with a clearly marked due by date. In many cases trustee companies, solicitors and accountants acting for the estate will pay funeral costs directly. The person who signs the authorisation for a funeral to be conducted is the person legally responsible for payment of the funeral account.
  3. We appreciate that sometimes families may not be prepared for unexpected funeral costs. If there are going to be difficulties with payment or a delay in paying some of the costs we will endeavour to be accommodating. However, please let us know before the funeral arrangements or as soon as possible afterwards. Interest will be charged on accounts outstanding for more than 30 days.