Our role

It may seem a daunting task to make so many decisions when a death occurs. Our role as your Funeral Director is to guide and assist you through the procedures involved with arranging a funeral.
The funeral is an important occasion to honour the life of and say farewell to a loved one. It is a way to express our beliefs, thoughts and feelings about the life of someone. It acknowledges the death, enables you to share memories, express your grief and celebrate the life lived with the support of your family and friends.


At the time of arranging a funeral service there are several decisions to be made. Depending on the beliefs and wishes of the deceased and your family, funerals are different.

For some, it is a celebration of one’s life with a Civil Celebrant being engaged to tailor the funeral to your specific wishes and requirements. For others the funeral reflects cultural traditions or religious beliefs. We will liaise with your Church to coordinate any special requirements or ceremonies.

We will coordinate the time and location of the funeral, according to what suits you and your family. Different choices regarding a burial or cremation and the memorial options will be discussed. Whether viewings will be held, eulogies, refreshment options, what clothes are required, do you need birth certificates or documents, what about a death certificate?

Our aim is to assist you during the early stages of bereavement making it as bearable as possible for you.

You may be confident that the funeral arrangements will be arranged by our professionally trained staff allowing you to spend more time together with your family.

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-> download our Funeral Process Guide (pdf)

Coffins and Caskets Selection

We provide a wide range of high quality coffins and caskets from local and reputable Australian companies. The main difference between a coffin and casket is simply the shape. Coffins are traditionally tapered at each end, while caskets are essentially rectangular. The cost of coffins varies depending on the amount of timber, laminate, veneer and detail with each style. Colours vary from pale oak, rosewood, natural, walnut or painted to a personally selected colour. You may view the coffins on display at our Funeral Centre or on our website.

-> download Peter Tobin Funerals Coffins and Caskets Guide (pdf)

Viewing the deceased

To be entrusted with the care of your family is a great honour for us. Our trained mortuary and qualified embalming attendants prepare and dress loved ones with meticulous expertise and pride, regardless of whether a viewing is requested. The decision to attend a viewing is a personal one that we respect. Taking the opportunity to say a last goodbye can be an important step in the grieving process. While it may be confronting for some, it offers the opportunity to place mementoes, photographs, letters and other special items in the coffin either as a family or privately. We offer separate rooms to provide family members the flexibility to view in private or remain with other members of the family who may choose not to view. Viewing times vary for each family so we will arrange an appropriate time and day to suit your needs.

Catering and refreshment

We offer the option of providing a range of refreshments by the fireside in our lounge area following a funeral service, whether the service is held at Doveton Park, your Church or other venue. The benefits of allowing us to prepare the refreshments enable your family to concentrate on the ceremony without having to worry about preparing your home to receive numbers of visitors, together with the preparation of food, drinks, crockery and the unavoidable cleaning up afterwards. You will be able to greet those attending the service and leave us to attend to the refreshments and the catering details. We have a large menu to select from.