Some of their most important needs are:
  • the need to feel SUPPORT
  • the need to face REALITY
  • the need to express FEELINGS
  • the need to move towards RE-ESTABLISHMENT and GO ON LIVING

Grieving People Need Someone To Listen, And All The Care, Encouragement And Support They Can Get To Help Them Re-Establish Their Lives.

In other words, TO HELP A FRIEND IN GRIEF, we need to be:

  • AWARE - working through grief is a normal and necessary part of life
  • THERE - we can't solve this problem, but just being around to listen and provide support will help
  • SENSITIVE - our friends have suffered a deep loss, even if we don't see it as such. We need to be there for them through their pain, not try to take it away
  • HUMAN - we need to allow our friends to openly express all their feelings without judging them. Nobody has to justify their feelings - they are quite normal
  • READY - to listen when the story is told over and over again. Talking about the deceased by name is a vital step towards recovery
  • PATIENT - mourning the loss of a loved one takes as much time as it takes