Should children come to a viewing?

This is a question we are often asked

Children are an important part of your family and are a part of what is happening. They will know ‘something is up' regardless of their age and how you may try and ‘protect' them.

The age of the children will determine how you may phrase information so that they understand. This may be the first occasion they have experienced a death. They will want to know what has happened - ‘why are you crying?' ‘where is Grandpa?'

Keep it simple. Tell them the truth, 'Grandpa has died'.

Try and avoid ‘sleeping' as a way of explaining death. Having died is very different from sleeping and should not be confused. The children may become afraid of going to bed and ‘sleeping'... look what happened to Grandpa!

Bring the children along and have a friend or family member present who will care for the children while you have your personal time with the deceased.

If the children ask to see ‘Grandpa' it may be a good thing so they can see what ‘died' looks like. You may view first and decide if you are comfortable with them coming in also. The choice is yours. You know the children better than anyone.

Please feel free to speak to our staff with any concerns.