Preparing For Death

We recognise that death will come one day and with it sorrow and grief for our surviving family and friends.

Some simple practical arrangements made in advance can help reduce the number of decisions at the time of death.

Caring For Someone

At some time you might be in a position to help someone, for whom you care, prepare for their death, by ensuring his or her affairs are in order and that his or her wishes are completely and clearly understood.

Your next-of-kin, local clergyman, solicitor and funeral director can help you make the appropriate preparations. What these are will depend very much on your own marital, family and financial circumstances, but basic preparations could include the following:

  1. Ensuring your affairs are in order
  2. Make sure that those who need to know are in fact aware of where all your personal documents are held
  3. Make sure also that your keys and important documents are kept in known places.
  4. Keep your financial and personal business papers together so that the handling of your estate doesn't create unnecessary problems.

You can record most of the essential information that will be required at the time of a funeral in the Personal Profile Record. This Personal Profile Record is available from Peter Tobin Funerals; fill it in and leave a copy with your next-of-kin, executor or a close friend.

-> download Verse Suggestions for Death Notice (pdf)
-> download Single line Death Notices (pdf)

Pre-Paid Funerals

We all recognise that death will occur one day. That day may bring with it great sorrow and grief for our surviving family and friends.

Some simple practical arrangements made in advance may help to reduce the number of decisions for your family members, thereby reducing their pressure and stress.

You will have the assurance that your decisions and choices have been recorded. Your family may be relieved to know that all of your personal wishes have been adhered to with the specific arrangements of the funeral and have been prepaid.

For people of retirement age, a pre-paid funeral plan will not affect entitlements as the amount is currently exempt from the income, assets and deeming tests.

Instalment payment options are also available.

There is an option of simply recording your personal choices for your funeral without pre-paying.

Nursing Homes often require notification of who your funeral director is. This is another step forward in your planning.

You are welcome to contact us for advice on arranging a pre-paid or pre-arranged funeral. We will work through your choices providing options and guidance to suit your individual situation.

Making A Will

It really is essential to make a legally binding Will if you wish to ensure the person or persons of your choice inherit your possessions. A valid Will simplifies the handling of your estate for your survivors. Your Will can be properly drawn up by a solicitor or trustee company and should be reviewed periodically, especially if your marital or family circumstances change.

-> download Funeral Planning Guide (pdf)